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It's your virtual studio off-shore

Go live, create, edit, play or syndicate your content to the masses.

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We're taking you off-air, off-line and off-shore into the deep end of uPoding from our  Studioplex in the Caribbean City of Ashby

Caribbean City of Ashby , Isle de Rone


+1 (242) 000-0000


[email protected]

uPod-T|u|b|e™ has teams up with Project Wake-up™" to help you escape to the limitless expressions of free speech in the Caribbean City of Asbhy

Everyone talk about freedom of speech while high paid lobbyist working for powerful industry giants get together with their political cohorts to take your rights away. So far they have been very successful in silencing the voice of many people in rural towns, cities and countries, Their evil agenda is deprive you of the opportunity of a life-time  to be someone who have something to say. They do so by influencing public policy to limit your power to speak freely.

They have a voice but no face ...while you have a face but no voice -THAT'S NOT RIGHT!
We've teamed up with "Project Wake-Up" to take your voice offshore where you discover limitless expressions of free speech.

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About uPod-T|u|b|e ™

We predict broadcasters will soon give-up broadcasting and start uPoding. uPoding™ is a modern definition which redefines radio, television, digital media social media, broadband broadcasting, narrowcasting and podcasting. The service is a unlicensed hypermedia  network which does not require costly streaming fees, a content delivery network or peering relation  -simply put, ITS YOUR CONTENT DELIVERED VIA AN INSTANT MESSAGING  ON STEROIDS.


Caribbean City of Ashby , Isle de Rone , GD