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Dr. Erskine R. Curry -Photojournalist 

Project Wake-UP™ 

With Clementina Plasencia

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1 844-OTW-LIVE

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                                    "On The Wake Up Radio"

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The proposed Two-Way Communications Act is at the forefront of crafting legislation which leads the way to the restoration of free speech. This puts Grenada in the driver's seat to become a major syndicate in  for the current high demand of new media content.

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About uPod-T|u|b|e ™

We predict broadcasters will soon give-up broadcasting and start uPoding. uPoding™ is a modern definition which redefines radio, television, digital media social media, broadband broadcasting, narrowcasting and podcasting. The service is a unlicensed hypermedia  network which does not require costly streaming fees, a content delivery network or peering relation  -simply put, ITS YOUR CONTENT DELIVERED VIA AN INSTANT MESSAGING  ON STEROIDS.


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