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Welcome to the “Golden Age of The Future”
Product Management (PM) -Team

A global digital media network built from the ground up purely on SMS, MMS & RCS: was a smarter choice than cloud, live streaming, websites, blogs or mobile app

40 Reasons why everybody would be uPoding™ By 2022
1.   Gain global traction quickly across 4,400+ mobile networks
2.   Deliver content directly to 7.2  billion connected devices
3.   Give your audience a true carrier-grade 5G experience  
4.   Short code &  local numbers
5.   Toll Free Number Access (USA and Canada)
6.   Delivers an immersive multimedia experience via our
      patented  vCore Cinema™ technology
7.   Non-destructive live recording, motion graphics  & editing
8.   50 virtual studio templates w/ 1000s of skins to choose from
9.   100% Royalty FREE music/footage:  -and it always will be.
10.  No Apps to download
11. No complex back-office to manage (We do the heavy lifting)
12  No mid-ware or front-end integration required
                (Unless you have your own production studio your
                only required investment is  ... a High-end USB or iSO 
                compatible phantom powered condenser microphone 
                and a  green-screen or backdrop and a good camera
                angle to showoff your best side)

13.  No website to build and manage 
14.  No costly monthly streaming fees
15.  No “Cloud Service” middleman or peeping Tom
16.  No restrictions or limitations on the amount of user
17.  Connect up to 24 callers (On-Air Guest Including Studio)
18.  No censorship, third-party policing, or policy-making
19.  No cyber security risk or threats
20.  99.9% deserter preparedness ready
21.  No single point of failure (100% redundancy worldwide)
22.  No more waiting to upload or download
23.  Remarking with machine learning, with AI and BI analytics
24.  Real-time geofencing, detail reporting and accountability
25.  Monetize inbound/outbound messages
26.  Ad supported programming, media sales and syndication
27.  uPoding™  puts you on-the-go, in-flight or onboard
28.  40,000 embedded pre-set play-out options
29.  One-time, life-time subscription billed to mobile phones
30.  Create a playlist for “Broadcast Automation”
31.  Go Live -with audience from phone, Skype or social media
32.  Archives: “The Golden Age of The Future” 
33.  Dedicated sports and news updates; by SMS, MMS & RCS 
34.  Immediate  response “Fast Action” buttons
35.  AI powered audience insights content marketing platform
36.  Organic  Growth means optimization is a thing of the past
37.  Low-tech, high-touch tools to fit any size organization 
38.  State-of-the-arts development partnership opportunities 
39.  Around the clock dedicated team management and support
40. Fans earn with our  “Pay-to-Play” performance  algorithm

Totally liberate your digital media content from third-party corporate-policing, public policy-makers

Breaking the chains of social media networking  and those annoying online service censorship

If you already have a podcast you're well aware of the belligerent lobbyist and the savvy self-serving corporate policy makers who orchestrate public policy to restrict what you can say ...or cannot say. It’s all done behind closed doors under the disguise of public interest -but, beneath it all, -there is an under-current (Currency of greed) which enables them to control the media. They do so with the added benefits of securing  their special interest across online platforms.

As we see it, these profiteering bastards seek to promote a cacophony of rules which are fast becoming the unwanted proverbial noise in the market -while they milk the unsuspecting podcaster out of hard earned money.  First they allow you to pay for costly streaming fees, then storage that you really cannot tell if you are using it or not. Then, if you start to make money from your podcast it would not be long before  your podcast is pulled down, and, your account deleted. If should come as no surprise if your point of views suddenly ends up violating "their social policy".  Therefore it’s time for them to unjustifiably silence you.

Ironic is it not, but as soon as your podcast starts getting attention and you're making money most platforms service providers have this systemic need to start crying out with their need to censor your content. They don’t even give you an once of prevention or a remedy under lawful consideration. The fact they may be wrong or they might be  misunderstanding your message and you stand to lose revenue based on their unaccountable action(s).is of any NO importance. Your content is deleted and your account Indiscriminately closed. ALL THIS TAKES PLACE WITHOUT A COURTROOM, A TRIAL, JUDGE OR JURY . -and, if your freedom seems violated; well, BEWARE! -it is.

ISn’t it time to realize you’re  being violated? Perhaps it’s time for you to become totally liberated and start uPodding™ your way to free speech. 

If you're just getting started ‘TADA“ most of the bloody battles have been won already ...this is a good time to do be in the podcasting business. Go ahead and get started - BUT, BEWARE AND AVOID THE NORM.  



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About uPod-T|u|b|e ™

We predict broadcasters will soon give-up broadcasting and start uPoding. uPoding™ is a modern definition which redefines radio, television, digital media social media, broadband broadcasting, narrowcasting and podcasting. The service is a unlicensed hypermedia  network which does not require costly streaming fees, a content delivery network or peering relation  -simply put, ITS YOUR CONTENT DELIVERED VIA AN INSTANT MESSAGING  ON STEROIDS.


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